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One-of-a-Kind Event Experience


At Tapped 419, we pride ourselves on providing a one-of-a-kind event experience. Have you ever drank a beer out of a firetruck? You're about to! Visit our reservation page to connect with a event rental expert and reserve the Ladder 419 Beer Truck today.

Pair Us with Great Local Beers


NW Ohio and SE Michigan are rich with great local beers that pair perfectly with Tapped 419. We'd love to introduce you to our favorite local breweries.

Great For All Occasions


Festivals, office parties, graduation parties, weddings, and more. Take your event to the next level by adding the Tapped 419 Beer Truck to your next party!

Ladder 419 Featured on "Four One Nosh"

 Why go to the beer when the beer can come to you? Kevin Mullan introduces us to every beer lover's dream, a bar on wheels known as Ladder 419. Mullan’s restored fire truck features taps filled with local suds from northwest Ohio. 

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