About us

Honey, I bought a fire truck!!

I like beer, and all things local, and I love local beer. So what better way to bring local breweries into the spotlight than a big red shiny fire truck. Bonus, I now own a fire truck (and my wife is ok with it!).

On a serious note, there was no way for our great local breweries to be a part of the growing social scene: festivals, outdoor concerts, parades, etc. So, we decided to help with that. Plus, now I own a fire truck!

Did I mention, I own a fire truck?!

Let us know what your favorite local beers are and why you love Ladder 419. Have a great local event coming up? Shoot us a message, we'll be there. 

Connect with Tapped 419 on Facebook and Instagram. I love chatting about fire trucks, and beer, and all things local - I really just like chatting...

Get the Ladder 419 truck